Privacy Policy

Honeycombinatorics Inc. does not collect any of your data through the FacePaint app. Any data accessed by the FacePaint app stays on your device, where it is subject to Apple Inc.’s Privacy Policy and may be accessed by Apple Inc. or third parties in accordance with that policy.

FacePaint is an Augmented Reality (AR) app, which means it requires access to your device’s camera to provide the AR functionality. The data from your camera is kept on your device and is accessed by FacePaint only to provide that functionality. FacePaint also allows you to capture photos and videos within the app using your device’s camera and microphone, which you can choose to share with others from within the app. Any captured photos and videos will remain on your device or be automatically deleted by the app, unless you choose to share them.

FacePaint offers a paid subscription, which is required to access all features. If you choose to subscribe, payment processing is handled by Apple Inc. from within the app. None of your personal payment information is accessed or collected by FacePaint. However, FacePaint does have access to a limited amount of information related to your subscription which is provided by Apple Inc. and is necessary to check your subscription status. This information is processed by the FacePaint app without leaving your device, to verify your subscription status.

This policy is effective as of November 21, 2018. Please check back often for any updates to this policy.